The Wild Dream Short Film

Wow, this is excellent. My friend Scotty Shaw’s final year film is now finished: The Wild Dream Short Film.View full post »

Filming aerial footage in the Lake District

I’m a qualified commercial CAA drone pilot and last week shot some aerials for Scotty Shaw’s new film TheView full post »

Gorillas, chimps and safari all in one!

Introducing my new Uganda trip! I’m delighted to be partnering with Penda Photo Tours to offer this 10 dayView full post »

Front cover of Irish Dancing Magazine

As some of you may know, my two daughters are Irish dancers, even though we haven’t an Irish bone in our bodies.View full post »

From Photography to Filmmaking

“I guess it’s the equivalent of ascending Everest…I think it’s harder!” Nikon D4 Sony a6500   It’s taken me 18View full post »

The Bob Graham Round – Running the Fells with Friends

“I guess it’s the equivalent of ascending Everest…I think it’s harder!” – Tony Holt, ultra runner Some of youView full post »

20,000 gannets, a tent and a lot of beer: the gannets of RSPB Bempton Cliffs

In mid July I spent a very enjoyable couple of days filming gannets with my friend and fellow pro wildlifeView full post »

Farne Islands June 2017

Another fantastic day at the Farne Islands yesterday! Thank you to my lovely workshop clients: welcome back to oldView full post »

The Peach Herd – Sustainable grazing initiative for the Maasai Mara

Kenya’s Maasai people are under threat. The Mara’s wildlife is under threat. The Peach Herd is aView full post »

A bit on the side: some web development

As a bit of a side project, I’ve had something of a throwback to my university days: writing code. I used toView full post »

Giraffes: The Precipitous Fall of the Tallest Animal on Earth

They may be high up, but numbers are crashing to Earth. A family of giraffes stares down at the strange human lying inView full post »

A Few Days In Safari Paradise 2016

2016 was another fabulous year on safari! I thought I’d collect some of my images and a short film IView full post »

Tits on the Town Moor!

A blue tit forages for insects in the dead leaves   Looking thoroughly stumped a few days earlier: all theView full post »

Winter fun on the beach – karate and Irish dancing!

This winter has been the wettest, greyest and most miserable that I can remember :-/ During the Christmas holidays weView full post »

Kenya Photo Safari 2015 Blog Part 2

Day 2 Now then, if day 1 hadn’t been gripping enough, day 2 was about to get off to a unimaginably good start. WeView full post »

Kenya Photo Safari 2015 Blog Part 1

  It’s only taken me four months to get around to this! I’ve been busy on video projectsView full post »

Book in Journal Newspaper

Tony Henderson, the Journal’s Environment editor, wrote a piece last Saturday on the 2nd edition of my book,View full post »

Wildlife of the Farne Islands 2nd Edition

I’m very excited to announce that I have finally finished the second edition to my book! This one is fullyView full post »

How To Prepare and Pack For a Photography Safari to Africa

I’m writing this article because I remember the mixture of excitement and bewilderment at tackling my firstView full post »

How to use Auto ISO

Auto ISO is something that, until I wrote this article, I simply didn’t use. Now I find it indispensable: theView full post »

Is Professional Photography Gear Worth The Money?

In this short article for Landscape Photography Magazine (when it had a wildlife photography section), I contemplateView full post »

Bird Photography

In this article for Landscape Photography Magazine (when it had a wildlife photography section) I looked at how toView full post »

Wild Angle – Shooting Wildlife Wide

Landscape photography is all about short focal lengths for wide vistas and wildlife photography requires gargantuanView full post »

The Psychology of Sunrise

A while ago I wrote a piece for Landscape Photography Magazine exploring the reasons that sunrise and sunset mean soView full post »

Newcastle Eagles Snatch BBL Trophy

Wow, what an incredible game of basketball. The Eagles have yet another piece of silverware to add to their alreadyView full post »

Eclipse 2015

The Sun grinned past the Moon at me this morning 😀 The solar system is an amazing place. It just so happens that theView full post »

BBC Town Moor project

BBC Town Moor commission: An image from a couple of weeks ago, in anticipation of the project. This shot of aView full post »

Costa Rica – Corcovado NP

I followed this white-headed capuchin monkey for a while in forest near my accommodation at Drake Bay, CorcovadoView full post »

Nikon D3200 first impressions

The D3200 captures lovely tones throughout this image of Isabella   Jake’s sand castle gets the hoof –View full post »

St. Oswald’s Ultra 2014 film

Here’s the film I made of the inaugural race held in Northumberland this year. There’s more infoView full post »

Elf Run 2014 photos

Today, 850 little elves ran round the Metro Centre and Eldon Square in Gateshead / Newcastle, helping Santa deliverView full post »

Rhinos: here today, gone tomorrow?

Peek-a-boo, rhino style. I see you now, but will I see you in a decade? Rhinos are back in the news, for the usual badView full post »

When to use a tripod, monopod, beanbag or other camera support

Male urban peregrine falcon – a shot like this taken at 1200mm (600mm + 2x converter) simply can’t be takenView full post »

How to get sharp images when hand-holding a camera

Lion cub – part of a breeding and release project in Zimbabwe. This was taken with a 1/3200 sec shutter speed.View full post »

St. Oswald’s Ultra Run 2014 Photos

Here are the photos from this fantastic event. I also shot a short film of the event. See below to buy digital imagesView full post »

How to photograph birds in flight

Male purple-crowned woodnymph hummingbird, Costa Rica. This shot required a very fast shutter speed of 1/4000 s as wellView full post »

England’s hen harriers – are we wasting our time?

Admittedly this is a crap picture of a sub adult hen harrier snapped in France while I was on holiday last year. TheView full post »

Spanish City Triathlon short film

This is my short film of the event. Hope you enjoy it! If you’d like to see the photographs from the event, orView full post »

Should I use RAW or JPEG format?

“Windy Day’ – Red squirrel. An image like this is best shot in RAW so that you can choose how toView full post »

Badger cull – here we go again

In the firing line – badger cull trial resumed last night A change in Environment Secretary from Owen Patterson to LizView full post »

Spanish City Triathlon 2014 photos

Here are the photos from the event (there’s a short film here). See below to buy digital images or prints. ClickView full post »

A Pot Full of Grey Wagtails

Pelargoniums aren’t the first place you’d think of if you were trying to locate the nest of a pair of greyView full post »

Tour de France 2014

Sky’s Geraint Thomas time-trials the 20th stage (and a couple of weeks later, wins gold in the CommonwealthView full post »

Flight of the Hummingbird

July 2014 cover – my green-breasted mango hummer! Did you know that hummingbirds can fly sideways, backwards andView full post »

Red Kite Mosaic Greetings Cards

I’m delighted to announce that eight of my recent red kite mosaic pictures are to be used to produce greetingsView full post »

Costa Rica 2014 Part 3

The highest diversity of species anywhere on the planet: half a million of them; hundreds of which are endemic andView full post »

Award-winning seal!

Here’s my second Highly Commended image from the Audubon Society of Greater Denver’s Share The ViewView full post »

Costa Rica 2014 Part 2

The adventure continues! Here are some more images from my recent trip to Costa Rica. Here also are parts 1 andView full post »

Nikon D4s preview

The new Nikon D4s – image courtesy of Nikon With a certain amount of fanfare, Nikon has just released the newView full post »

Costa Rica 2014 Part 1

[Here are parts 2 and 3] In January I went to Costa Rica to take photos of the incredible wildlife. What an amazingView full post »

Two wildlife opinions: badger cull and critically endangered tigers

In December’s Wild Planet Photo Magazine I have two pieces; one on why the badger cull defies science and commonView full post »

Vagrant: lesser grey shrike

We’ve had an unusual visitor: a lesser grey shrike Lanius minor. This bird sometimes ‘larders’ itsView full post »

Stealth Gear one man chair hide M2 field test & review

Hot on the heels of the Nikon D4 camera review (see previous post), I’ve also done a one person chair hide reviewView full post »

Nikon D4 camera long term field test review

If you’re looking for an unbiased, long-term field test of a Nikon D4, look no further! I’ve owned thisView full post »

Fishing for Photographers!

Fishing for Photographers? Louis de Bernières’ Girt Pike? What’s got into the man this month? Well, yeah,View full post »

BWPA British Wildlife Photography Awards 2013 – short-listed

From the several thousands of images submitted to the BWPA 2013 competition, I managed to squeeze two into the finalView full post »

Notes on a summer photographing swallows

Bringing home lunch More lunch! It’s an uplifting experience to be heralded into the office by two duellingView full post »

Summer on the Farne Islands

Puffin Precarious pipit As the rain and temperature fall, further bending the already berry-laden rowan I’veView full post »

Wild Angle

I haven’t yet had a chance to blog this year’s eight Farne Islands trips or my close-up swallows projectView full post »

Auto ISO article in Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine

Hot on the heels on ‘Photographing Summer Birds‘ in Bird Watching magazine, I’ve written an articleView full post »

Bird Watching Magazine – ‘Summer Bird Photography’ out now

Wow, it’s been a busy summer so far! I’ve got loads to tell you about over the next few blog posts. WhereView full post »

Jump! My latest ‘Through The Lens’ column

I’ve actually remembered to mention it this time! Just out on 1 June, this is my regular column in LandscapeView full post »

First photo from the woodland hide

A few days ago I set up a camouflaged hide in a nearby forest. I arranged some logs in front of it and started puttingView full post »

April 2013 magazine articles

Well now! Completely forgot to blog about April’s double-act in Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine. IView full post »

Kestrels and gannets

We at Hawk’s Head Photography had a bit of an away day last week. Well, two away days to be precise. Alan, TraiView full post »

Red grouse, lapwings and the British Cycling Team!

Tricky one to categorise, this. I’ve been out on the moors today looking for birds and found lapwings and redView full post »

Wood mouse from the camera trap

Wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus. Nikon D3, 105mm macro lens, 200/sec, f/16, ISO 800, remote flash How cute? Wood miceView full post »

Giant Red Kite Takes Flight

Yesterday, the exhibition of pictures I’ve taken for the Flight of the Red Kite project opened atView full post »

LD:NorthEast photos finally on the web

It’s not all nature photography: I’m delighted to see the photos of the lovely people at LD:NorthEast fromView full post »

My regular column in LWPM kicks off this month

Ladies and gents, I present to you my first regular column for Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine! FollowingView full post »

Red kites like you’ve never seen them before

Quick linksNow then, that’s a big bird!Birds on the radio Now then, that’s a big bird! Red kites have beenView full post »

Moorbank Botanical Garden, Newcastle

Yesterday I popped into Moorbank Botanical Garden in Newcastle with Alan Hewitt, Trai Anfield and Trai’s friend,View full post »

Kenya – Elephant abstract

This old bull elephant ambled towards us with a slow, deliberate purpose. When you see several tonnes of animalView full post »

Bird Watching Magazine – How to be a Bird Photographer

Published today! (available to subscribers now and in the shops in a few days)View full post »

Horse photography – something rather different!

What’s with the long face! Horse portraiture (of the horses themselves and with their owners) is somethingView full post »

Waxwings in Byker!

I got a call from Byker yesterday that there were waxwings eating the berries on the heavily laden trees there. Lo andView full post »

Writing for Landscape and Wildlife Photography Magazine

I’ve just started a beautiful relationship with Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine writing regularView full post »

Portrait of Martin

And now for something completely different! A portrait of my good friend, Martin yesterday. I don’t often doView full post »

Kenya trip – lions part 2

Here are some more images from our recent trip to the Masai Mara. We did see other wildlife, honestly! But the big catsView full post »

BSBB karate photo shoot 11 Nov

CALLING ALL NINJAS!! We’re doing another professional photo-shoot at BSBB on 11 Nov. Mini dragons, kids, adults,View full post »

Kenya trip – Chilled-out cheetahs

Cheetahs are stunningly beautiful creatures. These sleek speed machines have evolved to hunt in the daytime while theirView full post »

Kenya trip – Male cheetah eyes up gazelles

A quick male cheetah to go with last night’s raspberry-blowing female. This male cheetah, one of a coalition of 3View full post »

Kenya trip – lions part 1!

The first sight of lions we got was this pride in the main Masai Mara National Park. Because it was midday, they wereView full post »

Kenya trip – chilled-out vervet monkey

Vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus), Naboisho Conservancy, Masai Mara, Kenya We’ve just come back from aView full post »

Short-sighted badger cull goes ahead – what on earth is the point?

Inquisitive badger Meles meles, Northumberland © – Nikon D3, 600mm, 25/sec, f4, ISO 6,400, -1 ev.View full post »

Red squirrels

Alan and I have been out squirrelling! With a bag of hazelnuts, lots of coffee, a bit of ingenuity and a lot ofView full post »

Bike for Bobby pics in FourFourTwo Magazine and Viz

Just done a studio session with ex Newcastle footballer, Robbie Elliot and Phil Gray, Ironman triathlete. They’reView full post »

BBC Radio Newcastle Interview

Yay, they played my interview on the Jonathan Miles show on BBC Radio Newcastle at the Farne Islands today: 1hr 40minView full post »

Farne Islands image gallery added

Hi all, I’ve added a new gallery: ‘Farne Islands‘. This is a selection of images I took while writingView full post »

Outdoor Photography Magazine says, “Informative, interesting & beautifully illustrated” about Kaleel’s book

“This book is informative, interesting, and beautifully illustrated. Kaleel Zibe is both a photographer and a wildlifeView full post »

BSBB karate photo shoot 22 Apr 2012

I’ll be doing a photo shoot on Sunday 22nd April 2012 at BSBB in Heaton. If you’d like your photos taken,View full post »

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new web site! Now I’ve actually got somewhere to post images and stories of what I get up to as aView full post »