Wild Angle – Shooting Wildlife Wide

Landscape photography is all about short focal lengths for wide vistas and wildlife photography requires gargantuan lenses that can pick out a grain of sand on Mars. There you go, photography neatly segregated. In this article for Landscape Photography Magazine (when it had a wildlife photography section), I explored the use [...]

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The Psychology of Sunrise

A while ago I wrote a piece for Landscape Photography Magazine exploring the reasons that sunrise and sunset mean so much to us as photographers and how to get the best out of photographing in the fantastic light available at these times.  "I think I have turned into one of my [...]

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When to use a tripod, monopod, beanbag or other camera support

Male urban peregrine falcon - a shot like this taken at 1200mm (600mm + 2x converter) simply can't be taken without a tripod. Nikon D800E, 600mm f/4 lens, 1/400sec , f/11, ISO 1600, Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 carbon fibre tripod with Wimberley Head Tripod? Monopod? Gorillapod? Baffled? Read on! Whether [...]

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How to Get Sharp Images When Hand-holding a Camera

Lion cub - part of a breeding and release project in Zimbabwe. This was taken with a 1/3200 sec shutter speed. f/1.4 isn't optimal for this 50mm lens, but at least the shutter speed freezes all motion. As usual with wildlife, the eyes are the most important thing [...]

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How to Photograph Birds in Flight

Male purple-crowned woodnymph hummingbird, Costa Rica. This shot required a very fast shutter speed of 1/4000 s as well as flash. It was also manually pre-focussed Photographing birds in flight is one of the most common things to want to achieve in wildlife photography, but it can be fiendishly [...]

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Flight of the Hummingbird

July 2014 cover - my green-breasted mango hummer! Did you know that hummingbirds can fly sideways, backwards and even upside down? And that they effectively go into hibernation every night to save energy? Hummingbirds are among the most colourful species in the wild kingdom, yet far from easy [...]

Notes on a summer photographing swallows

Bringing home lunch More lunch! It's an uplifting experience to be heralded into the office by two duelling robins, each belting out a bright song from a nearby tree, with me receiving a glorious stereo mix in the middle. It's not robins I [...]

Wild Angle

I haven't yet had a chance to blog this year's eight Farne Islands trips or my close-up swallows project from the summer, but now I'm freshly back from France (I actually saw a real, live hen harrier!) it's time to get out your wide angle lenses for the animals. September's [...]

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Auto ISO article in Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine

Hot on the heels on 'Photographing Summer Birds' in Bird Watching magazine, I've written an article on Auto ISO in Landscape & Wildlife Photography Magazine. I'm a recent convert to using Auto ISO with Manual mode after photographing gannets with some friends at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire. Hope you enjoy [...]

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