Had a fantastic experience with Kaleel at Haggerston. The venue was superb with knowledgable handlers and a great array of different photographic macro subjects. That along with the usual high standard of guidance and explanation from Kaleel made for a brilliant day that would be well be worth repeating.
Darrel Birkett



Sat 25 Apr 2015
Approx. 6 hours
Max participants
Haggerston Castle, Northumberland, UK
Level of experience required
Beginner to advanced, preferably with a macro lens

Macro and close up

This is a new workshop for those who’d like to photograph exotic creatures close up and in natural looking surroundings. We work with expert animal handlers at the bird of prey centre we use for the Owls and Raptors workshop. The idea is to get up close and personal with these animals, which are used to the proximity of humans. This would be extremely difficult in the wild. We’ll look for intimate portraits and det

Our day will start with a cuppa at 10am and we’ll have a chat about the feast of photography ahead. We have both indoor and outdoor locations, depending on the weather. We’ll get some of the animals down to the waterfall where the natural surroundings make ideal habitats and backgrounds. We’ll break for lunch and our day will eventually round off at about 4pm.


What you’ll need to bring

  • Camera, lenses, tripod, spare media cards and batteries. On-board or separate flash – it’s great for achieving really creative results. Don’t be scared of your flash!
  • Lens recommendations: macro lens (ideal) or short to medium lens that can focus as closely as possible. You can use reversing rings or close-up filters, but dedicated macro lenses make everything so much easier.
  • A packed lunch and soft drink. We’ll have coffee and teas at the centre.
  • Warm and waterproof clothing and outdoor shoes / boots.
  • Camera cover in case of rain.
  • If you have a focus rail, this will help, but isn’t necessary.


Other things of note

  • You don’t need to be fit and there’s only really one bit of walking down to the waterfall. It isn’t far, but it does go down a fairly steep path. We’ll be on hand to help if you’re a little unsteady. This trip is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs.
  • There’s plenty of free parking at the centre. When we go to the off-site location, we’ll car-share if we can’t fit everyone in the van and my car.
  • Toilets are available at the centre.


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