Wildlife of the Farne Islands: A Guide to All the Major Breeding Species.Includes professional photography tips. By Kaleel Zibe
Part extensive guide book to the Farne Islands wildlife, part gorgeous coffee table book for the sea-bird and seal aficionado, this book has something for everyone interested in wildlife, whether they’ve been to the Islands or not. It’s chock full of photos and contains useful biological information on each of the species, not least when each species is actually present at the Farnes. Not only that, but there is a section on photography tips that will help you get the best out of your visit.

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Outdoor Photography magazine’s Jemima Greaves said:

“This book is informative, interesting, and beautifully illustrated. Kaleel Zibe is both a photographer and a wildlife expert and he knows how to achieve the balance between the two. Within the pages of Zibe’s handy, kitbag-sized offering you’ll find detailed information on the birds of the Farne Islands, as well as a slightly shorter chapter covering the grey seal. There are also tips on how to reach the islands, and a section of photographic advice.

What really makes this book, though, are the images. From stunning shots of terns in flight to baby cormorants and inquisitive seals, they bring the facts to life and provide a real inspiration to get out there to experience nature at its best.”

A pdf of the review is available here.

Ian F. of Bird Forum gave the book 9/10 and said:

“Described as being a guide to all the major breeding species on the Farne Islands and that is exactly what it is.

It is written by and illustrated with photographs by Kaleel Zibe. From the easy to read style and content he is obviously well acquainted with the wildlife found on the islands. He gives pocket descriptions of each species including some interesting facts gained from his own observations. Population numbers are included as are arrival and departure times and on which island each species can be seen. The book is illustrated by numerous stunning photos many of which are close encounters. There is also a chapter devoted to the Grey Seal.

Kaleel includes some useful information for anyone considering visiting the Farne Islands including how to get there contact details for boat trips.

Kaleel has also included a useful section on professional photography tips on how to take better photos plus a section on a ‘behind-the-scenes’ explanation of how many of the photographs illustrating the book were taken, including camera settings.

All in all the book makes for an excellent guide for anyone who is thinking of visiting the Farne Islands or indeed as a memento for anyone who has already been.”

A satisfied customer on Amazon said:

“Beautiful book with amazing photographs from the Farne Islands. A good buy for anyone who has visited and wants some happy memories!”