20150322-_ND41977 Newcastle Eagles-BBL Trophy Final-KaleelZibe.com

Wow, what an incredible game of basketball.

The Eagles have yet another piece of silverware to add to their already burgeoning trophy cabinet, but it was an end-to-end, fast-paced finale with breath-taking skill from both sides. It could certainly have gone either way and we were on the edge of our seats throughout the match. Leicester Riders played out of their skins, but Newcastle’s stars shone again to take the title in the final tumultuous minutes of the game.

There was a worrying turn when player coach Fabulous Flournoy landed awkwardly and stayed floored for an agonising amount of time. But he was still an absolute gentleman, signing Jake’s basketball from a wheelchair at the end!

I had no idea basketball was such an awesome game. If you get a chance, go and see the Eagles.


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20150322-_ND41767Newcastle Eagles-BBL Trophy Final-KaleelZibe.com

I should point out that this was the half time gymasts and not part of the actual match!