Wow, this is excellent. My friend Scotty Shaw’s final year film is now finished: The Wild Dream Short Film. I’m delighted to have been involved in a small way, shooting the drone scenes in the Lake District. Nice one, Scotty, Meg and Rahman 🙂

THE WILD DREAM SHORT FILM from Scotty Shaw Films on Vimeo.

“The city brings no memories for a young woman (Lyla) who is trying to balance her stressful work life and relationship with Theo which is proving to be physically and mentally demanding. After a visit from the doctors where she is told some heartbreaking news, Theo her partner of six years demands to find out what is happening with her. The Wild Dream seems to be her only haven that will help her and possibly save her relationship.

This short film is in remembrance for my grandparents Derek and Joan.

Starring: Meg Birley (Lyla Smith)
Rahman Telliam (Theo)
Jonathan Forsyth (Doctor)

Music Licensed:
Luna Island – Audreys white Lodge waltz

Milttown Brothers – Long Road

Borrtex – Laying In bed

Woolookologie – Forest

Piano Solo

A special thank you to Glenn Slater Contractors LTD for sponsoring the film and everyone of JustGiving this film wouldn’t of happened if it was for you.

Another special thank you to Kaleel Zibe for helping get them cinematic drone shots, Josh Entwhistle for the creative storyboards, David Gould on sound, Nicky Palmer as production manager.
Not to mention Foxes Cafe Lounge for allowing us to film there and Brad Gore and Morgan Kelsall as the runners you’ve all been amazing”

Scotty Shaw