It’s only taken me four months to get around to this! I’ve been busy on video projects until Christmas, but now I’ve finally been through all my Kenya images, I thought I’d blog the trip. Anyway, now BBC’s The Hunt has finished on telly, I need another dose of Africa!

Alan Hewitt and I have been running safaris together for a few years now and always have a laugh together. One of the key things I want in a safari is for everyone to feel relaxed, involved and to have fun. Alan is a good friend of mine and a great photographer and safari leader. I had no hesitation in working with him again on this trip. Anyway, we have the same tastes in beer…

In early planning for the 2015 photo safari trip, I knew I wanted to use my trusty guide, Moses Nampaso; his unparalleled knowledge of the wildlife and friendly and professional nature make him an obvious partner. For this year’s trip, I needed a new venue and took Moses’ advice on House in the Wild. As always, he was spot on. House in the Wild is a beautiful, quiet, friendly place on the banks of the famous River Mara. Owned by Lippa and Tarquin Wôod, it is a delightful offshoot of their farm, Naretoi and nestles on the edge of Enonkishu Conservancy north east of the National Reserve.

Our journey from the UK (some of us from the North East of England and the remaining clients from London) took us via Amsterdam to Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport. A quick hop across to Wilson Airport and we were winging our way into the Mara to be met by an ever-smiling Moses as well as Boston, our other superb guide for the duration. We did have another superb guide, Joseph for a short time after a mishap with one of the vehicles. More on that later! Seeing Moses again was emotional: he’s an inspiration to other Kenyans as well as us and is a real pleasure to be around. He’s currently studying for the highest qualification of the Koiyaki Guiding School: gold. When I spoke to Moses about this qualification, the study required and what he had to demonstrate, it sounded more like a PhD than a guiding qualification! Good luck in 2016 Moses.

Day 1

If you’ve never been to the Africa’s plains, you might not realise that it’s hard to avoid seeing wild animals, which are everywhere. It’s a bit like an open zoo with all the famous animals you’ve ever seen on TV, spread out in front of you. Even our short trip to the camp from the airstrip was a mini safari in itself, with crocodile, zebra, baboon and impala amongst others putting in an appearance.

Alan in full flow

Alan in full flow


Our Maasai über-guide, Moses