Here are some more images from our recent trip to the Masai Mara. We did see other wildlife, honestly! But the big cats are just so enthralling.

Young brother and sister play-fighting. He looks like he has the upper hand, but the truth is otherwise!

Lioness on the hunt eyes up Alan sitting next to me in the vehicle!

Young male lion on the prowl

Oh those eyes

The reason for the Kenya trip was a recce for our 2013 photo / video safari, which is a collaboration between us atΒ Hawk’s Head PhotographyΒ and Trai Anfield atΒ Enlightened Media. Trai is a video journalist and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Living World’. She’s joining us to teach the video side of things as well as photography. We’ll have more information on theΒ web sites when we’ve sorted the safari information out.