We’ve had an unusual visitor: a lesser grey shrike Lanius minor. This bird sometimes ‘larders’ its surplus food on a thorn to keep for later. I wouldn’t like to be a butterfly or cricket when it’s around!

Even though it was lovely yesterday to see such an oddity in the north east of England (or northern Europe for that matter), I couldn’t help thinking this chap should be in southern Africa by now. Having been blown so off course on migration, I fear it won’t survive our winter. Fingers crossed it leaves us soon and finds its way south. It was also nice to get out with my new 300mm f/2.8 lens, which performed superbly, even with a Nikon 2x Mk III teleconverter on it. That concludes a review I’m doing on the converter, which’ll be out in Wild Planet Photo Magazine in the next few months.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


_ND42645 Lesser grey shrike-Lanius minor-kaleelzibe.com_ND42784 Lesser grey shrike-Lanius minor-kaleelzibe.com_ND42774 Lesser grey shrike-Lanius minor-kaleelzibe.com_ND42691 Lesser grey shrike-Lanius minor-kaleelzibe.com_ND42681 Lesser grey shrike-Lanius minor-kaleelzibe.com

_ND42664 Lesser grey shrike-Lanius minor-kaleelzibe.com