LWPM-SFTH-Wide Angle Wildlife-Kaleel Zibe

2013.09 LPM Wide Angle Wildlife article pages3-42013.09 LPM Wide Angle Wildlife article pages5-62013.09 LPM Wide Angle Wildlife article pages7-8

Landscape photography is all about short focal lengths for wide vistas and wildlife photography requires gargantuan lenses that can pick out a grain of sand on Mars. There you go, photography neatly segregated.

In this article for Landscape Photography Magazine (when it had a wildlife photography section), I explored the use of wide lenses for creative wildlife images.

In the same way that landscape photography does not use short lenses exclusively, wildlife photography should not always be about more lens glass than the photographer’s bodyweight. Whilit is true that most wildlife is not especially happy about a photographer poking a lens up its nose, wide angle photography is well worth exploring in certain circumstances

You can download the full article for free as a PDF here: LPM Wide Angle Wildlife