Giraffes: The Precipitous Fall of the Tallest Animal on Earth

They may be high up, but numbers are crashing to Earth. A family of giraffes stares down at the strange human lying in front of them Serene silhouette How d'you know you're looking at a male giraffe? He's got a big knob on his head. [...]

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Badger cull – here we go again

In the firing line – badger cull trial resumed last night A change in Environment Secretary from Owen Patterson to Liz Truss hasn't slowed the momentum behind the badger cull, which resumed again last night. Scientific advice has been consistently against the effectiveness of shooting badgers to control bovine TB. [...]

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Two wildlife opinions: badger cull and critically endangered tigers

In December's Wild Planet Photo Magazine I have two pieces; one on why the badger cull defies science and common sense, and the other on just how critically endangered tigers are. The Nov, Dec and Jan issues are all free. I'm delighted to see that the culls have failed, [...]

Giant Red Kite Takes Flight

Yesterday, the exhibition of pictures I've taken for the Flight of the Red Kite project opened at Gateshead's Civic Centre. Below is today's Newcastle Journal with an article by Tony Henderson and there are better quality versions of some of the images here. today's Journal article by Tony Henderson [...]

Red kites like you’ve never seen them before

Now then, that's a big bird! Red kites have been an important thread running through my wildlife photography for years. The RSPB originally commissioned me to get shots of the end of the reintroduction project here in the north east. Once the reintroduction had completed, the project handed over the [...]

Short-sighted badger cull goes ahead – what on earth is the point?

Inquisitive badger Meles meles, Northumberland © - Nikon D3, 600mm, 25/sec, f4, ISO 6,400, -1 ev. Do not use this image without permission. 'We could be wiping out half the population of badgers in the UK for absolutely no reason at all' - Mark Carwardine. The government has seen fit [...]

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