Book in Journal Newspaper

Tony Henderson, the Journal's Environment editor, wrote a piece last Saturday on the 2nd edition of my book, which came out at the beginning of this month. There's a PDF of the article here and you can buy the book here.         Here's a copy of the [...]

Wildlife of the Farne Islands 2nd Edition

I'm very excited to announce that I have finally finished the second edition to my book! This one is fully updated for 2015 and has 200 extra pages of images, species information and photography advice. It's been 4 years since I first published Wildlife of the Farne Islands and this [...]

Farne Islands image gallery added

Hi all, I've added a new gallery: 'Farne Islands'. This is a selection of images I took while writing the book 'Wildlife of the Farne Islands'. The Farnes are a particular passion of mine. I have young kids, so can't spend too much time away in exotic foreign locations. However, [...]

Outdoor Photography Magazine says, “Informative, interesting & beautifully illustrated” about Kaleel’s book

“This book is informative, interesting, and beautifully illustrated. Kaleel Zibe is both a photographer and a wildlife expert and he knows how to achieve the balance between the two. Within the pages of Zibe’s handy, kitbag-sized offering you’ll find detailed information on the birds of the Farne Islands, as well as a [...]

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