Another fantastic day at the Farne Islands yesterday! Thank you to my lovely workshop clients: welcome back to old friends and welcome aboard to new ones! Here are a few images I took during the trip:

Sunset gannet taking off from a feeding frenzy

Incoming puffin in flight with sand eels

Arctic tern eruption on Inner Farne

Preening kittiwake

Puffin with sand eels on Staple Island

Kittiwake shouting its own name

Razorbill having a stretch

Puffin mouthful

Shag close-up

Guillemot colony on the stacks of Staple Island

Arctic tern attack!

Yup, more sand eels

Inner Farne lighthouse and Lighthouse Cliff

Guillemot jumpling being encouraged down the sheer rock face into the water. Baby guillemots don’t fly off, they’re pretty much forced into the water where dad whisks them away and looks after them for weeks at sea

Guillemot sunset bird bath